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Kori S

I would recommend Ingrid to anyone who wants to learn how to have a healthier life, and who are willing to be open to try something new along the way! My coach was able to help me achieve my goals by teaching me about gut health, how to make food substitutions without depriving myself, and learning what is best for my body, and when.


I can’t wait to share what she taught me to others! Pay it forward! She has been such a rock and a supportive coach!


BETTER                                   BEFORE

Carrie V

Ingrid’s personal struggle and success story is inspirational to all women striving to live a healthier and stronger life! Examining what you eat, how you cook and what’s in your pantry, along with how you feel is very important! I highly recommend her coaching program!

Annette F

Ingrid has an incredible passion for health and wellness and has made her own life-changing health challenges an open truth for others. Full of life as always, her dedication to the success of others is admirable and a testament to her determination to live her best life. Go Ingrid! Keep learning, living, and raising awareness!

Veronicah O

I feel better, health-wise, and have a friendly listener without judgement ... and she makes you laugh.

Jelyssa C

Ingrid is amazing and I would recommend her to everyone who wants to change their eating habits, lifestyle, and improve/prevent health issues. She is knowledgeable, easy going, caring, resourceful, fun-loving and family-oriented. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning has been healthier eating, and a different order of eating foods based on digesting times.

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