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About Ingrid

Hello, my name is Ingrid Dick. In 2013, my world turned upside down when I was diagnosed with an extremely rare auto immune disease called Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome (CCS). 

CCS is a rare type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, with many similarities to Crohn's disease, but with an underlying polyposis syndrome. It effects the entire GI tract, and is often fatal. 


My doctors feared that I would not survive. Today, I am not only surviving, but I am thriving. I have moved beyond remission, reversed my disease, and live completely free of those debilitating symptoms.

You can read more in this article from UCSD: 

Mother Receives Novel Treatment For Rare Disease READ MORE

Whilst I completely recognize that medications, specifically immune suppressants and biologic drugs saved my life, I never really accepted that they were a life sentence. For many patients, I believe that transitioning off these drugs, and following a low carb, inflammatory-reducing diet, along with stress management and exercise, can be a realistic option for obtaining and maintaining long term remission. 

That's why I started Green Goddess and The Diabetes DIVA™.  To help other people move beyond their disease and live their best life!

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Ingrid Dick is a dynamic and inspirational coach who helps women with Type 2 Diabetes reverse their disease, and work towards living a life free of medications and debilitating symptoms.


Ingrid’s trainings and programs focus on an integrative and holistic approach to healing through nutrition and lifestyle.


After overcoming and reversing her own life threatening chronic illness, including a rare type of auto immune disease (IBD), Type 2 Diabetes, and Insulin Resistance, Ingrid has an intimate understanding of the challenges women face when trying to gain control of their health.


Ingrid completed her training with the internationally renowned Institute for Integrative Health & Nutrition (IIN), is certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC), and received her Ayurveda certification from Kerala Ayurveda Academy. She has a thriving online coaching business, and currently has openings for new clients who are ready to embark on their own health transformation journey.


Outside of the passion of coaching, Ingrid loves to cook, enjoys wine tasting, is an avid jet setter, an obsessive reader of self help books and crime fiction, and loves pilates and stand up paddle boarding. She has been married to Chris for 24 years, has two charming teenagers, and two beloved rescue dogs. She is an Australian transplant living in the San Fransisco Bay Area, but also spends as much time as possible in her mountain lodge in the Sierra Nevadas.

Ingrid is a Diamond Member of PolkaDot Powerhouse, and a founding member of the Morgan Hill / South County group, where she also serves as Social Media Coordinator. Her other work in the community is as a Sustaining Member of the Junior League of San Jose.


“You are only one decision away from a completely different life”. 


My credentials:

Ayurveda Wellness Counselor

Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach

National Board Certified - Health and Wellness Coaches
Institue for Integrative Nutrition

Gut Health Specialist

Diabetes Specialist

Motivational Speaker, Health Commentator, Author, Mom 

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